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Eiko Tonami Anderson

Eiko was born in Osaka, Japan. She studied calligraphy in elementary school as well as with various teachers since the age of eight. In early adulthood, she studied cursive form of kanji and kana( Japanese syllables) with a master, Zuiun Kobayashi. In the United States, she studied water color painting. When her father, who was an artist, passed away, she felt that she wanted to continue her father's heritage. Having been inspired by her father's paintings, she began to study sumie (Japanese brush painting).

Along with studying sumie, she started writing Japanese calligraphy--specializing in writing people's names in Japanese kanji. This has been very popular with Americans. At the present time she is a member of Utah Water Color Society and a member of Northern Utah Calligraphy Association. She exhibits her paintings at various places.

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